You’re here because you, too, are a healthy living junkie. You are Type A when it comes to your workout routine and healthy eating. And, it’s been working for you, until now.

You’re ready to get pregnant, and your periods are out of whack, or absent completely due to chronic intense exercise.

You’ve been told you need to cut back on your training.

You’ve been told you need to put on some weight.

Truthfully, cutting back on your workouts and being lax in your diet will make you lose your ever-loving mind!

You know it’s what you need to do, and maybe you’ve even made a few changes, but for some reason, you can’t go all in.

Luckily, that’s exactly what I help women with, because I have been there.

I specifically work with women who:

  • Are highly active and struggle taking a break
  • Have suspected Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, or wonky periods
  • Already trying to conceive, or ready to start in the short term
  • Are considering, or already going through, fertility treatments
  • Battle with obsessive healthy habits
  • Experience negative mindset around their bodies and health and fitness habits
  • Are Type A and very goal oriented

I’m excited to help you stop undereating, stop overexercising, get your period back, and boost your fertility! Not sure which program is right for you? Schedule a quick call and we’ll figure it out together. Talk soon, friend!