You’re ready to get pregnant, or have been trying for some time, and suspect you need to make changes.

You’re drowning in Google searches for “how to get pregnant fast”, and “what to eat to get pregnant”, but it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to focus.

Like me, you’re exercising too intensely, but you’re not comfortable changing your routine. You’re not fueling your body adequately, but fear eating more.

The toughest part, is that you can’t openly vent or strategize with anyone else. No one else gets it! Are you sick of hearing, “Don’t stress and it will happen!”?

I got you!

Our first session will be a History and Foundation Setting Session (roughly 75 minutes), where we will go over your past and current health conditions and habits, biggest concerns with trying to conceive, and expectations for our work together.

Through a mix of Dig Deeper Sessions and Accountability Check In’s, we’ll set specific practical goals with a game plan so you can successfully implement desired changes into your lifestyle, and ensure they stick.

Topics Covered

Self-Care – Assess your current stress environment, how stress affects conception odds, and holistic ways to manage your stress.

Nutrition – Discover fertility boosting foods and ways to improve your nutrition to prepare your body for a baby.

Movement – See how exercise affects hormones along with the recommended amount and intensity to benefit fertility. And, more importantly, a fertility friendly routine for you.

Mindset – Explore the role mindset plays in improving your chances of conception, and learn positive mindset exercises.

Session Pricing

Ideally preconception coaching takes place a minimum of 4-6 months before actively trying to conceive.

History and Foundation Setting Session

60-75 Minutes – $150

Dig Deeper Exploration Sessions

45 Minutes – $95 or 5 for $410

Accountability Check-In Sessions

20 Minutes – $45 or 5 for $200

Interested but not sure if Preconception Health Coaching is right for you? Coaching is personal and I want to ensure we are a great fit for what you need. To talk more about my services and get a taste for my style, I offer a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call. Schedule yours below!