Why Postnatal Health Coaching?

Whether this is your first baby, or you’re newly a mama of multiples, navigating life with a baby is hard. Your health has always been a priority, but what does leading a healthy lifestyle look like now that you’re caring for a baby?

My postnatal clients are craving more routine and accountability around healthy eating and exercise. Your body is different, your needs are different, and your schedule is no longer yours. Figuring out a new plan that will work can be overwhelming, and that’s exactly what I help you do.

The Process

Our first session will be a History and Foundation Setting Session (roughly 60-75 minutes), where we will go over your past and current health conditions and habits, biggest roadblocks with getting back on track (or even finding your track!), and expectations for our work together.

In follow up sessions we’ll discuss practical ways to eat healthfully, how to get into an exercise routine you can stick with, and how to ensure you are taking care of YOU, too.

Through a mix of Dig Deeper Sessions and Accountability Check-in’s, we’ll set specific practical goals with a game plan so you can successfully implement desired changes into your lifestyle, and ensure they stick.

Topics Covered

Self-Care – Assess your biggest stressors and how you can incorporate self-care into each day.

Nutrition – Discover quick, healthy recipes and ways to outsource cooking so you can fuel your body and still have time for your family.

Movement – Learn the safest moves to get your strength back, and create a plan to fit in movement everyday, even with a baby.

Mindset – Gain perspective of your new life and tactics that help empower instead of overwhelm you.

Session Pricing

History and Foundation Setting Session

60-75 Minutes – $150

Dig Deeper Exploration Sessions

45 Minutes – $95 or 5 for $410

Accountability Check-In Sessions

20 Minutes – $45 or 5 for $200

Interested but not sure if Postnatal Health Coaching is right for you? Coaching is personal and I want to ensure we are a great fit for what you need. To talk more about my services and get a taste for my style, I offer a complimentary discovery consult. To schedule yours, please fill out the form below!

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