Perspectives While Away From Home

I had a loose idea of how the past 10 days would be like before I left Chicago for Georgia to visit my cousin and help with her 2 month old twins. I figured I’d have time to write my posts, we could take them to the park for walks and I’d probably do some yoga during naps.

I wasn’t planning to keep the workout and work schedule I maintain while at home, but also wasn’t planning to go radio silent in my business.

Today’s post isn’t like my usual posts. I had some topic idea’s written out, but writing a post was on my schedule last Thursday and I simply didn’t feel inspired. I – at best – have hit half of my step goal each day. I’ve done a quick yoga session once and zero strength training. All of this honestly made me a little anxious, like I was letting things slide. At first.

These things combined make me feel a little out of synch. But, the surprising thing I’m realizing is that I don’t feel like I’ve abandoned my habits. I don’t feel I just gave up. I actually feel OK. Why?

Because, I’m still doing what’s important to me. It just looks different right now.

I’ve abandoned the all-or-nothing mindset. I’m not getting my usual activity in, but I’m not sitting on the couch feeling lazy. I’m helping with feedings, changes, naps, and cooking.

I’m not going to networking meetings, but I’m reaching out to contacts I have working with to move current projects along. I’m not posting as much as I normally do, but I am staying consistent with daily interactions on social.

Instead of focusing on what I’m not doing, I immediately started thinking of what I am doing with my time.

I’m spending wonderful quality time with my cousin and aunt I don’t see all the time. My mom and grandma are here, too and getting to relax with them has been rejuvenating, just in a different way than my normal yoga class. We’ve ordered out two times in the past 10 days and cooked and eaten together the rest. It’s wonderful!

The second day here I was worried I wasn’t doing enough. Movement, work in my business, self care, etc. Then, I thought back to how busy and non-stop the days before I left town were. I was running from meeting to event to client and looked forward to the days I would soon spend with my family. And here I was, with my family and an infant in my arms thinking of how I should be doing more.

My mindset immediately shifted. I felt it. This wasn’t a new way of living that I needed to remedy. This was a special time I had planned for and looked forward to. I let all “should’s” leave my monkey brain and decided to enjoy each day as it unfolded.

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There’s a difference between abandoning what you value, ignoring all responsibility, treating anytime away from home like a free-for-all vacation, and putting your daily check lists on hold to indulge in a needed getaway.

It’s OK to put things on pause when you need to. You aren’t failing or letting your priorities go. I’m learning that taking a small break from my to-do list doesn’t mean I don’t care anymore, it simply means something else is more important in this moment and I will get back as soon as I’m ready.

This post isn’t as structured as I normally like to write. But I wanted to share my thoughts because the way they surprised me is an important lesson to myself, and hopefully resonates with you, if not now, sometime soon.

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