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3 Benefits of Raising Kids in the City

Many people assume they have to pack up their city life and move to the suburbs when they have kids. While this is a great option for many parents, some people were born to be city dwellers. If you live in a city and like it, there’s no need to rush out to the suburbs to start a family.

And, suburban dwellers, if you’re happy in the suburbs, great! You don’t need to rush to a city. It takes a village, and, big or small, you will give them a wealth of knowledge and opportunities no mater where you live.

Here are just some of the benefits of raising kids in the city.

Never a dull moment

Cities are filled to the brim with events, many of which are geared toward families and children. Cities work hard to ensure there are plenty of free activities, so your family can enjoy without breaking the bank. From parks, to playspaces, to concerts, and more, there’s always something to do.

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To find events easily, try Facebook to search for kid-friendly happenings near you. Or, check out Hulafrog for location specific events all in one place! I find fun events all the time on their site and through their weekly emails.

Improved independence

City kids are set up for success in independence. One aspect of this is public transit. Many benefits kids gain is from public transportation, including improved patience from lines, waiting their turn, and sharing public spaces. These kids are more apt to navigate the world when they grow up.

Also, proximity creates independence merely being able to walk to places like the library, store, or even school, on their own earlier.

Better understanding of diversity

While there are plenty of diverse towns, cities, by sheer numbers, have more diversity. Kids who grow up in cities tend to have a better understanding of other cultures and even more of a developed food palate! When we lived in Chicago, every walk downtown, we’d hear many conversations in other languages.

Besides, there are many different cultural festivals and activities available in cities, so children learn and experience different cultures without traveling.

Obviously, there are benefits to raising kids in every setting from rural to big city. The true testament lies in where the entire family will feel the most comfortable and happy.

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