I help women have an easier relationship with their body.

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Hi, I'm Samantha!

I'm a Health + Mindset Coach and I believe you can have an easier relationship with your body. I don't use a formulaic plan with my clients because that's not what they need. I go deep and get to the root of what's making it hard feeling amazing in their body every damn day.
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  • A Simple Mindset Shift to Go With the Flow

    Feeling in control of your life is a great feeling. Until things slip off track. You’re supposed to “go with the flow” and “enjoy the journey”, BUT HOW?! This simple shift in thinking will help you do just that!

  • What Finally Brought Me Peace with My Body

    Ignoring all the BS *rules* felt like playing hooky, until I realized how much stress left my body. Finally I was able to give into a routine that felt insanely easy. I can hardly put into words the ease and freedom I felt.

  • How I Stop the Worry Train

    There will ALWAYS be something to worry about. ⁠⁠Figuring out how to bring comfort and calm into your life DESPITE what’s nagging at you, is like discovering a protective Zen blanket.⁠ Here’s how I did just that.

  • How to Enjoy Yoga Even When You Think it’s Boring

    So you want to WANT to do yoga, but it’s too boring? If you’re wanting to actually get into a yoga routine, instead of trying and low key hating a class every few months, this post is for you my friend!