When my husband and I got married, we knew we wanted kids, but weren’t ready quite yet. Soon after our 2nd wedding anniversary, 11 years together, and my 31st birthday, we felt we were ready to start “not trying but not preventing” and I went off the pill.

In 13 years of being on the pill, I picked up running, completing my 7th marathon the month before going off the pill. I optimistically made an appointment with an OB who told me it could take a few months for my period to normalize, but if I didn’t get one in 3 months to make another appointment.

3 months came and went without so much as a twinge of a cramp or hint of blood. After failing the progesterone challenge twice, I was referred to an RE. The next 9 months escalated from basic diagnostic tests, to one unsuccessful IUI, more attempts with both Clomid and Letrozole that never resulted in follicles satisfactory for an IUI, and finally in February of 2017 – a full year after going off the pill – I started stims for an egg retrieval.


When we first started this journey I truly thought my hormones just needed a little kick-start, and here we were a year later officially jumping into IVF.

After much reading I recognized it was not “unexplained infertility” but Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Like many women, I found I was too fit to easily conceive and needed to make changes to my training and eating habits in order to have a baby. Along with that came a major mindset shift and the addition of other holistic therapies.

The biggest was a drastic cut in my endurance running and intense exercise. I started routinely getting acupuncture. I added more yoga and walking. I increased the amount of healthy fats in my diet, putting on a needed 10 pounds. 

All of these changes were helping, but after our first FET in April resulted in a chemical pregnancy, I had a major mindset shift. I accepted that running was not what my body needed at the moment. I no longer cared about “getting back” to my previous running times or weight. I wanted to balance my hormones and prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy.

The next month, May 2018, we transferred our last embryo and my body embraced the changes, enabling me to carry our baby boy!


I fully believe had I not made the holistic changes I did, that IVF would not have worked. This was the toughest journey I have been on, but I am a healthier woman both emotionally and physically because of it. My son was born February 1st, 2018 and I’m keeping these changes I’ve made as habits for life.

I was so changed from this experience it changed my coaching business. In my third trimester I enrolled in the Integrative Women’s Health Institute’s Optimal Fertility program and now, I help other women get an earlier start than I did.

Through Health Coaching, I guide women in making holistic changes so they can get their body in balance before trying to start a family. Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, and keeping yourself and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy takes work. 

Are you ready to grow your family in the healthiest way you can? Start your journey today!