For those in the Chicago area, I offer 1-on-1 personal training sessions out of Precision Human Performance located at 1335 West Lake Street (south side of Lake at Ada). My sessions are 30 minutes, but don’t think that makes them easy!

Why 30 minute workouts?

  • The number one struggle I hear from clients is a lack of time. By sticking to 30 minute sessions I have found it’s easier for clients to fit exercise into their schedule more often.
  • Research shows that shorter, more intense exercise sessions can be even more effective for weight loss by focusing on quality not quantity.
  • The body can recover quicker, leaving you more rested and prepared for the next quality workout sooner.
  • An hour can be daunting! People tend to have a higher rate of consistency when they “only” have to do 30 minutes, often coming multiple times a week.

Show up ready to work and let me show you how 30 minutes is all you need to reach your goals!