One-on-one health coaching is more than a meal plan or fitness routine. It’s a holistic approach to achieving a permanent healthier lifestyle. Together we look at your health and wellness history – from exercise and nutrition, to sleep patterns and stress – and break down your big goals into smaller actions, allowing you to maintain progress without getting overwhelmed. My goal is not to tell you what to do, but guide you and help figure out what works for your life right now.

Signature health coaching programsMy Process

  • We will talk. A lot. About you!
  • Our first session will delve into your past experiences with exercise, food and stress and explore how your current habits came to be and how they differ from where you want them.
  • We will pick an area to focus on; stress, sleep, self-care, exercise, self-compassion, and food are some examples, then pinpoint small specific ways to implement change.
  • Where our discussion goes and the goal actions we arrive at are regulated by YOU. You drive your life, I’m here to light the way.
  • Check-in’s via email will keep you accountable, allowing for tweaks and questions between sessions.
  • Each session will involve a recap of the past week, where we will discuss successes and your next move.

Results clients can expect

  • Better eating habits with increased knowledge of nutrition
  • Consistent exercise patterns that fit your life and goals
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Decreased stress with de-stressing techniques
  • More energy and improved mood


4-Week Kickstarter Program

3-month-all-in-programIf you’re ready to stop the overwhelm of all your “I should’s” and set smart goals to make lasting change, I would love to work with you. Shoot me an email and get started today!

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