It All Starts With a Plan!

This is my most used quote from Friends – and if you’re a Friends fan you know I have a lot to choose from! We’ve gone over setting SMART goalsbut having a goal with no plan is not a recipe for success. Luckily your plan doesn’t have to be insanely detailed or tracked using 5 different forms of technology. Personally, I feel a basic plan that you can print out and physically check off leads to a higher rate of adherence/consistency.

To help my clients start exercise tracking I created a simple printout for them to put in a highly visible place (think refrigerator or bathroom mirror) that allows for as much or little detail as they need for their current goals. For those who are exercising regularly for the first time or after a long break, their goal may be simply getting in a workout, and could read, “4 cardio sessions and 2 strength training sessions”. For someone trying to up their intensity it may read, “2 25-minute HIIT cardio, 2 60-minute steady state cardio, 2 strength”.

For each week you can fill in what works best for you each day that particular week. Maybe most Monday’s you’re out of the office at 5 and can dedicate an hour to the gym, but one week you have a late meeting and will struggle getting to the gym so that week you plan for a 20-minute bodyweight strength circuit at home. Don’t hesitate to write in rest days, they are just as critical to your success as your time spent at the gym!

There is a space to write a weekly and monthly reward, if you check off all the boxes the reward is yours! There’s one caveat; do not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog! Instead use things like a massage, new fitness gadget, workout clothes, movie night or new book. Having a tangible reward outside of your physical goal (that won’t negate all your hard work) can provide the extra motivation you need on days you don’t feel like working out. Please, steal my log and happy tracking!

Exercise Goal Log

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