How (and Why) to Create a Plan B For Your Workouts

How to Create a Plan B For Your Workouts

Failing to plan is a planning to fail. It may be cliche, but it is absolutely true, especially when it comes to working out. If you’ve been following for a while, you know how to set SMART goals (click here for a refresher!) which is a huge first step in setting yourself up for success when improving your fitness. The next part is developing a plan for those workout goals, which we covered with Phoebe Buffay, here

On paper, you are all set and ready to take on the world! But, this is real life. There are work deadlines, bad weather, sick days, kids schedules, vacations, need I go on? Your Plan A won’t always be feasible, and that’s why you need a Plan B. Earlier I wrote about the Realities of Your Goalsand spoke to common barriers that disrupt your goal actions, and how helpful it is to have a plan in place.

When it comes to consistency with working out, the all-or-nothing monster brings many of us down. Click To Tweet

When it comes to consistency with working out, the all-or-nothing monster brings many of us down. You have your plan, but on Tuesday evening you don’t make your evening strength class and suddenly feel your entire week is shot. To get out of this mindset, look at your current plan – however detailed or general – as Plan A. Your plan A could be, you will get to yoga on Tuesday and Friday, strength train on Monday and Wednesday and run on Thursday. If you’re unable to get to the gym for your Monday strength training, instead of throwing your hands in the air, look for a Plan B.

Could you do yoga that day and strength train the next day? Would Saturday be a good back up day if you can’t get it in during the week? I look at my week as a puzzle. I plug in the workouts I’d like to do on the days I’d like to do them, but move them around as conflicts arise. Once you take out the need for perfection, the frustration will fade away.

Once you take out the need for perfection, the frustration will fade away. Click To Tweet

Still, there are those weeks where finding the time isn’t necessarily the issue. If you’re up all night with a sick child, or an impromptu work trip leaves you high and dry for a gym, your Plan B is the next best thing you can do. Here are some common disruptions and a possible Plan B:

  • Unplanned work trip = Pack workout clothes, do bodyweight exercises
  • Lack of Sleep = Shorten duration and/or intensity, if a morning workout is planned then sleep in and workout later in the day
  • Stuck at home (sick kid, weather, etc,) = Workout video from Fitness Blendermy Strongher in :30 e-book
  • Sick, but not that sick = Shorten duration and intensity, take a long walk instead
  • Stuck at the office = Focus on sitting as little as you can (Click here for ideas), consider shortening your workout but still doing it, look at a time later in the week

You’ll become more comfortable with looking for alternatives and recognizing your personal roadblocks that arise more often than others. Above all, keep your big picture goals and actions at the forefront. One missed workout won’t make a difference in the long run, but letting your entire week be thrown off and feeling guilty for not achieving your Plan A, will never get you to your goals and will only stress you out.

What’s your biggest roadblock when it comes to consistency with your workouts? Comment below!

If you’d like guidance in setting your SMART goals, and accountability from a personal cheerleader, let’s talk! Health Coaching is centered around you. Together we will discuss your goals and set a game plan so you know what to do and how to do it. Email me and let’s get started!

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