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Learn from MistakesBehavior change doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch. Your habits became habits over years of repetition so it should make sense that breaking the bad ones in favor of creating healthy ones, isn’t going to be quick or seamless. Yet, who doesn’t feel they’re a lost cause after one slip up? Expecting slip ups along the way and setting out to learn something from them is a powerful tool in lifestyle change.

This worksheet will help you reflect on your lapse by looking at factors that contributed to getting you off track and forming a solution that will get you back on track. By writing down your emotions felt during a lapse, then writing why it’s important to you to get back at it, you’ll end up with a pro and con list in support of continuing with your healthy habits and not reverting to old behaviors.

Next time you have a slip up, take some time to think through what happened and create your best solution/action so you can learn from it and move on stronger and smarter!

Slip Up to Success Guide

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