When I was little I told my mom I loved staying at my grandma’s because I could have whatever I wanted for breakfast. “Whatever I wanted” usually ended up being Eggo Waffles but they tasted so much better at my Mimi’s! I still have a love of breakfast food and get a little too excited when I see, “breakfast served all day” on a menu. What could be better than breakfast for dinner?! Nothing. The correct answer is; nothing is better than breakfast for dinner.

Surprisingly, if you play your cards right, breakfast for dinner can be a filling and nutritious option! This blueberry pancake recipe is not only simple, but provides fruit and whole grains that will satisfy your weeknight hunger, but make your taste buds think it’s the weekend.

Blueberry Whole Wheat and Oatmeal Pancakes

Published by Samantha Kellgren

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