Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate The Positive

“There are two sides to every story”. This typically refers to two people’s viewpoints, however, we internally have two sides to every situation we’re presented with.

For example; my husband and I took a weekend trip to Keystone, and since we’d be flying into Denver, coordinated dinner with friends who recently moved there. We were to get in at 6, giving us time to drop our luggage at our hotel, freshen up (OK, this was more of a me thing than a Brett thing) and get to the restaurant by 8. I cannot even begin to calculate the odds of all the tiny events that built upon each other – our Lyft taking over an hour to drive the 10 miles to Midway, to the man who inexplicably took many long minutes to open and repack a pizza in the security line – that led to us missing our flight by minutes.

It would be almost too easy to see the negative side of this situation. For a minute – after sprinting to the gate – I was focused on our now rushed timeframe and how much better things would be if we’d left just 10 minutes earlier. Then, I stopped. I looked at the situation from the other side; the positive side. We were immediately put on the next flight, we had our luggage, we’d still get in before dinner, we’d still see our friends. The only real downside was we’d need to put our suitcases with the hostess instead of at the hotel. Hell, I now had time for a coffee!

My point is, my mood for the rest of the night was my decision. I could focus on the negative and spend my energy wishing this had happened or that had happened. Or, I could enjoy my coffee, read my book and be happy we’d still get to dine with friends. Thus, accentuating the positive.

Focusing on the negativity of our personal world and the world around us is exhausting. Click To Tweet

Having a negative mindset and focusing on the negativity of our personal world and the world around us is exhausting. A positive outlook will open your world. When we focus on negative events and aspects of our life, we’re not only dwelling in the past, but closing off the future. Who wants to dream about the future when you only see the bad?

A positive outlook will open your world. Click To Tweet

However, when you see positive outcomes and feel positive emotions; joy, love, excitement, you are able to see more possibilities in your future and the world around you.

Here are a few ways to bring more positivity into your life:
Smile – Even if you don’t feel like it, the act of smiling sends messages to your brain that spark the release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins; the happy neurotransmitters. (

Create – Getting crafty puts your brain in a state of flow, allowing happiness and positivity to envelop you. Don’t know where to start? Grab a copy of my e-book Positivity Through Creativity and get started on one of 52 short creative projects today! (

Pass it Forward – Helping others gets you out of your pity party and puts things in perspective. It feels good to make someone smile, make a task easier, or simply connect with a stranger. Aim to do one nice thing – no matter how small – for someone each day!

For more on how to focus on the positive, check out my post on here!


  1. Great reminder to pause and try to look at both sides Samantha! I’m a generally positive person overall but find in stressful situations I’m much quicker to go to a negative place (probably out of anxiety). I know that I will see the positive in things if I pause for a moment before judging it or creating a story out of it – thanks for the reminder to do that!

    1. Thanks Andrea! Yes, we all get caught up in frustrating situations, we’re human after all, but coming back to a positive place instead of dwelling on the negative is hugely impactful!

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