What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you SO MUCH for the sessions we’ve had, I honestly can say I have felt so much more motivated. The fact I’m waking up early again and conquering is a big deal to me! I can promise you, health and wellness are on the forefront of my mind – which is a lot different from when we first met up!”


“Sam has been a great resource in so many ways. Not only does she tailor my workouts to my goals and fitness level to really personalize them, but she also has been a great listener and support for other aspects of my overall wellness. She has helped me establish better habits like a consistent sleep routine, and making time to destress. Whenever I have a check in with Sam she is thinking about me as a whole person.”


“It was a total pleasure to benefit from your coaching this year – easily the best investment I’ve made in years. Your enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility were incredibly motivating. I was especially impressed at your ability to create partner workouts that were challenging and engaging for both my husband and myself. We can’t thank you enough for helping us get back on the workout wagon!”

Kelly and Justin

“I really enjoy working with you. You put me at ease and even when the sessions are hard, you make the time enjoyable/achievable! I’m motivated to run more regularly and have a date goal for the 5k actually set. Your encouragement/plans/support have been an integral part of that.I don’t dread going to the gym. This is a pretty big deal for me.”