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“I really enjoy working with you. You put me at ease and even when the sessionsĀ are hard, you make the time enjoyable/achievable! I’m motivated to run more regularly and have a date goal for the 5k actually set. Your encouragement/plans/support have been an integral part of that.I don’t dread going to the gym. This is a pretty big deal for me.”

Debi L

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“Thank you SO MUCH for the sessions we’ve had, I honestly can say I have felt so much more motivated. The fact I’m waking up early again and conquering is a big deal to me! I can promise you, health and wellness are on the forefront of my mind – which is a lot different from when we first met up!”

Eleanor S

“Sam has been a great resource in so many ways. Not only does she tailor my workouts to my goals and fitness level to really personalize them, but she also has been a great listener and support for other aspects of my overall wellness. She has helped me establish better habits like a consistent sleep routine, and making time to destress. Whenever I have a check in with Sam she is thinking about me as a whole person.”

Megan S

Healthy Habits. Balanced Life.

Health Coaching will turn your I should's to I am's. Learn how to set small actionable steps to reach your larger wellness goals, and live the healthy lifestyle you strive for!

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