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  • It’s Normal to Not Know Your Newborn

    At first, I felt like I was missing some instinct. Like I should know if the advice I was reading would be suitable for my baby, and I simply didn’t. So many times, the baby would be crying and my husband would ask, “What is it? Is he hungry?” and I would throw my hands in the air, “I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine!”
    If you have no idea what your newborn needs, that is totally normal!

  • The Fine Line Between Judgment and Differences

    I am horrified at the thought of judging another woman, especially a mother. Women have enough judgement coming at them already, but that can’t mean we all do everything the same.

  • Why I Joined a New Moms Group (and You Should, Too!)

    It was early days when I signed up for a new mom’s group, and even though nobody was sleeping through the night, and I barely felt I knew how to do anything with this new life in my home, I was so excited for our first meeting!

  • 8 Books Every Toddler Will Love

    I remember being delighted the first time Owen looked at a book without putting in his mouth, and now it seems we could read books for hours! He goes through phases of reading certain books a zillion times, and these are the ones he can’t get enough of now.

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